Reldata adds NAS wizards

—In an effort to reduce the complexity typically associated with implementing combinations of iSCSI SAN and CIFS/NFS NAS, Reldata today announced a set of NAS Adaptive Storage Wizards for its model 9240 iSCSI Unified Storage Systems and Gateways. In February, the company introduced a similar set of iSCSI wizards.

"The reason why SAN-NAS technology hasn't taken off is because the two technologies were typically cobbled together and it wasn't easy to use," says David Hubbard, Reldata's chief executive officer.

The Adaptive Storage Wizards guide storage administrators through complex, often time-consuming, tasks such as disk virtualization, provisioning iSCSI storage to applications, assigning NAS storage to users, and setting security and performance parameters. The iSCSI and NAS wizards link together, so that any single wizard can "adapt" by transparently linking to the other three wizards.

In addition to simplifying tasks and reducing the time required to accomplish them, the automated wizards are designed to reduce human error, according to Hubbard. "And by extending the simplified management to NAS, we eliminated the need for iSCSI users to purchase separate NAS boxes," he adds.

The Adaptive Storage Wizards can be automated with the company's RELbot task automation technology, which are software plug-ins that automate a variety of storage administration tasks.

Video demonstrations of the Adaptive Storage Wizards are available at www.reldata.com/demo.

Reldata's 9240 platforms, together with the RELvos Virtualization Operating System, support both iSCSI and NAS, as well as optional WAN replication, and enable users to virtualize existing third-party disk arrays. The 9240 supports Gigabit Ethernet and 10Gbps Ethernet, as well as 4Gbps and 8Gbps Fibre Channel SANs.

The Adaptive Storage Wizards are integrated in the RELvos software and are also available as separately licensed products.

This article was originally published on April 07, 2008