agámi upgrades iSCSI arrays

By Kevin Komiega

—agámi Systems has added to its line of agámi Information Server (AIS) unified storage systems with the recent launch of the AIS3006i, an integrated iSCSI storage server with 6TB of RAID-protected capacity and eight Ethernet ports. The system features applications such as snapshots, replication, and thin provisioning.

The company is positioning the AIS3006i as a storage consolidation platform for virtualized data-center environments because of its ability to present up to 1,024 user-configurable LUNs simultaneously distributed over as many as 256 separate target network addresses.

agámi hopes to capitalize on the momentum of the iSCSI market which, according to the Gartner Inc. consulting firm, is currently between $800 million and $1.3 billion and is expected to hit $2.5 billion in 2010.

The AIS3006i comes with thin provisioning technology to simplify the storage provisioning process and improve resource utilization. Thin provisioning allows users to defer the allocation of storage capacity to iSCSI LUNs until it is required by clients.

Another feature of the system is agámiFSR replication, which maintains replicas of the contents of groups of iSCSI LUNs on a remote AIS system. The built-in replication can be augmented with the optional agámiHA "shared-nothing high-availability" feature, which automates fail-over of iSCSI storage services to a secondary AIS system in the event of a disaster.

The AIS3006i also has snapshot capabilities for the automatic capture of time-consistent snapshots of iSCSI LUNs for data analysis, backup, or protection against data corruption. Snapshots use a technique called "copy-on-write" to minimize the impact on available storage capacity.

Based on agámi's AIS unified storage system architecture, the AIS3006i uses a 64-bit 4-way SMP kernel to deliver over 550MBps of streaming read performance over its eight 10/100/1000 Base-T Ethernet interfaces.

Pricing for the AIS3006i starts at $33,995, including hardware, operating software, and replication. The agámiHA high-availability feature is sold as an option.

This article was originally published on April 21, 2008