BakBone embeds VMware support

By Kevin Komiega

—BakBone Software has become the latest vendor to integrate its data-protection software with VMware virtual server technology with the release of NetVault 8.1 and a software plug-in with support for protecting both individual and entire groups of VMware ESX Servers.

The company has expanded its VMware support and integrated it with NetVault with the goal of making data protection for virtual servers a no-brainer.

"We supported VMware in previous versions, but it required a lot of scripting and was not tightly integrated," says Brett Schechter, BakBone's senior product manager.

According to Schechter, embedding VMware support allows NetVault to manage data-protection operations such as backups and restores for VMware environments in the same way it manages other applications or file systems.

The Plugin module protects an individual VMware ESX server or a full VirtualCenter environment while allowing users to create backup policies without the need to understand the inner workings of VMware Consolidated Backup (VCB) or create complex scripts. The result is the ability to back up or restore virtual machines using point-and-click functionality.

The NetVault: Backup VMware Plugin works with VCB to provide centralized backups that reduce the load on VMware ESX servers, allowing the ESX server to run more virtual machines and reduce backup traffic on the LAN. Users have the ability to protect all their virtual machines deployed on a VMware ESX server or protect multiple VMware ESX servers from a VCB Proxy Server.

Furthermore, NetVault: Backup VMware Plugin benefits from VMotion's ability to track the deployment of virtual machines to ensure backups and restores are performed without requiring detailed knowledge of the location of individual virtual machines.

In addition to new VMware capabilities, BakBone has expanded its support for Linux environments with full support for Novell's Open Enterprise Server (OES) 2.

BakBone prices the NetVault 8.1 VMware Plugin on a per-server basis. The ESX plug-in for individual servers costs $595 per server for an unlimited number of virtual machines. Pricing for the VCB Proxy Server plug-in for large implementations costs $995 per server.

This article was originally published on May 22, 2008