Incipient automates data migration

By Kevin Komiega

—It's surprising to think that spreadsheets and bodies still rule the day in the world of data migration, but it's true. Getting data off old storage arrays and onto new systems is still a personnel-intensive and pricey process.

In an effort to mitigate the challenges inherent to migration projects, Incipient has announced Incipient Automated Data Migration (iADM), a new software product that automates the data migration process for large homogeneous and heterogeneous SAN environments.

iADM automates a range of tasks, including migrating array LUNs between alike or dissimilar arrays and decommissioning of storage arrays. The software can scale to accommodate large projects such as data-center moves or consolidation projects.

The software performs discovery of the SAN infrastructure, creating a centralized data model with end-to-end correlation from hosts to storage. It also matches attributes for source and target volumes based on user preferences, and supports host reconfiguration as part of the migration process.

iADM can perform migrations across heterogeneous fabrics, allowing migration tasks to be configured to perform automatically, manually, or via external scripts.

The software handles device and capacity reservations, can estimate project and task durations, and includes a role-based access and historical audit trails for compliance.

Customizable workflow templates and automated task list generation facilitate the planning and re-planning process, allowing IT administrators to establish repeatable processes based on best practices.

According to data gathered by Incipient, approximately 25% of data under management is moved on an annual basis. Factor in 40% data growth per year and a cost of about $5,000 per terabyte being spent on data movement services. Incipient estimates that a data center with 1PB of storage under management today spends $1.25 million annually on data migration operations.

Robert Infantino, senior vice president of marketing and alliances at Incipient, says the iADM software takes a big bite out of those costs by automating the majority of the two-to-three hundred manual tasks associated with a migration project.

"The software streamlines and automates end-to-end data migration operations for homogeneous and heterogeneous SAN environments," says Infantino. "It discovers the relationships from the hosts to the arrays, uses that information to create a migration project, and creates all of the tasks associated with it in a couple of clicks of the mouse."

The iADM software is available now from Incipient and its partner Unisys and is priced on a per-terabyte basis. Infantino says Incipient offers volume discounts. "The more you move, the lower the cost."

Companies moving hundreds of terabytes can expect an approximate price tag of just under $2,500/TB.

As an option, Incipient also offers its own network-based data mover, but Infantino says iADM will work with existing data movers already in place in a customer's environment.

This article was originally published on June 13, 2008