FalconStor integrates VTL with NetBackup

By Kevin Komiega

—FalconStor has announced availability of the Virtual Tape Library (VTL) OpenStorage Option, a new feature that turns FalconStor's VTL into a native storage target for Symantec's Veritas NetBackup 6.5 data-protection software.

The Symantec OpenStorage API provides a common interface to third-party disk targets, allowing NetBackup software to treat any target—NAS or VTL—as disk, eliminating the need for a VTL interface in NetBackup environments.

The native connectivity lets NetBackup handle disk-to-disk transactions, enabling features such as high-speed backup and recovery to intelligent disk devices over IP or, in the case of FalconStor, 2Gbps or 4Gbps Fibre Channel.

"We're taking the storage array or appliance feature set of our technology and bringing it up into the NetBackup world," says Peter Eicher, director of product marketing at FalconStor. "NetBackup is made aware of our product's VTL attributes and can now drive specific VTL operations."

Eicher says the combination of FalconStor's VTL and NetBackup simplifies management of the storage backup and retrieval processes by handling the migration of backup images from disk devices to tape for long-term archiving by leveraging a NetBackup Media Server, replicating backup images from local to remote sites for disaster recovery or centralized archiving, and allowing a single policy layer and catalog to control both backup and recovery.

NetBackup integration also allows for data de-duplication outside the backup window, and support for large Single Instance Repository (SIR) clusters.

The VTL OpenStorage Option is available as an optional software license from FalconStor. Eicher says enterprise customers will pay approximately $10,000 to turn on the option, although FalconStor is still wrestling with pricing for remote office implementations.

The Symantec OpenStorage partner list includes Copan Systems, Data Domain, Diligent Technologies, EMC, FalconStor, NetApp, Quantum, Sepaton, and Sun Microsystems.

This article was originally published on June 16, 2008