Sizes and sources

You may have noticed that the dimensions of this issue are slightly smaller than usual. We transitioned from an “oversize tabloid” format to a “regular size” magazine format, because that’s what most of you prefer.

As part of our ongoing readership surveys, we recently queried our readers regarding publication format. Almost half of you (48%) said that you would prefer the magazine size, while only 7% prefer the tabloid format. The remaining 45% said size doesn’t matter (see below).

As part of the same readership survey, we asked you to rank the various sources of job-related information. Although print publications still top the list (albeit by a narrow margin) it’s clear that Websites and e-newsletters are growing rapidly in popularity (see chart on the right).

If you’re only reading InfoStor in print, you’re missing out on a lot of information that can help you in your storage product evaluation and purchasing decisions. For example, our lab reviews are now available only online (primarily because they’re just too long for the print publication). We’ve partnered with openBench Labs and the Enterprise Strategy Group (ESG) to bring you product reviews based on in-depth, hands-on testing of a wide variety of storage products (see p.4 for more information).

And if you value e-newsletters as a source of job-related information, which you obviously do, be sure to subscribe to our weekly newsletters at www.infostor.com. We offer a newsletter with the top news stories, as well as weekly In-Depth newsletters that include feature articles, news stories, and case studies on specific technologies.

And for the 59% of you who rank Webcasts as “important” or “extremely important,” InfoStor has partnered with leading research and consulting firms such as the Taneja Group and ESG to produce a wide variety of informative Webcasts, all of which are archived at www.infostor.com.


Dave Simpson

This article was originally published on June 01, 2008