Qualstar library packs 852TB

Qualstar’s XLS-8161100 Library Resource Module (LRM), due next month, is a high-density tape library with a native capacity of 852TB in less than 11 square feet of floor space (or more than 90TB per square foot). The library includes up to 16 IBM LTO-4 Ultrium tape drives, delivering an aggregate data-transfer rate of more than 6.9TB per hour.

One or two 1,075-slot Memory Expansion Modules (MEMs) can be added to each XLS-8161100 for a configuration that stores more than 2.6 petabytes in less than 28 square feet. In addition, LRMs and MEMs can be linked together to build a configuration with more than 9,600 tape slots and up to 7.7PB of capacity.

Qualstar claims that the tape library uses less than 500 watts of electricity in an 850TB configuration, in part attributable to the company’s Compass Architecture, which allows any tape to be accessed in a horizontal robotics motion of 21 inches on average. The libraries can be configured with up to eight independent logical library partitions. www.qualstar.com

Spectra enters VTL market


Spectra Logic has inked a deal with FalconStor Software to add virtual tape library (VTL) and data de-duplication capabilities to Spectra Logic’s disk-based storage appliances.

The deal will add FalconStor’s VTL technology to the nTier Intelligent Secondary Storage (ISS) disk products. The nTier ISS systems scale from 10TB to 600TB of logical capacity. The pre-configured Spectra-FalconStor systems reduce redundant data on the nTier backup targets while maintaining integration with tape archive environments.

The new nTier300 has a VTL interface, Fibre Channel or Ethernet connections, remote replication, and global de-duplication with an average of 20:1 data compression. Entry-level pricing for an nTier300 with de-duplication begins at $12,500. Spectra Logic also plans to offer FalconStor’s enterprise solutions, which can scale beyond 1PB of logical storage. www.spectralogic.com

agámi upgrades iSCSI arrays

agámi Systems has added to its line of Information Server (AIS) “unified storage systems” with the AIS3006i, an iSCSI RAID array with 6TB of capacity and eight Ethernet ports. The system features applications such as snapshots, replication, and thin provisioning.

The company positions the AIS3006i as a storage consolidation platform for virtualized data centers, with the ability to present up to 1,024 user-configurable LUNs simultaneously distributed over as many as 256 separate target network addresses.

Thin provisioning simplifies storage provisioning, improves resource utilization, and lets users defer the allocation of storage capacity to iSCSI LUNs until it is required by clients.

Another feature of the system is agámiFSR replication, which maintains replicas of the contents of groups of iSCSI LUNs on a remote AIS system. The replication can be augmented with the optional agámiHA high-availability feature, which automates fail-over of iSCSI storage services to a secondary AIS system in the event of a disaster.

The AIS3006i also has snapshot capabilities for the automatic capture of time-consistent snaps of iSCSI LUNs for data analysis, backup, or protection against data corruption. The system uses a 64-bit 4-way SMP kernel to deliver over 550MBps of streaming read performance over its eight 10/100/1000 Base-T Ethernet interfaces. Pricing for the AIS3006i starts at $33,995, including hardware, operating software, and replication. www.agami.com

This article was originally published on June 01, 2008