Atempo adds e-mail to file archiving platform

By Kevin Komiega

—Atempo has added to its file archiving platform with this week's introduction of Atempo Digital Archive for Messaging (ADAM) 2.0, a new e-mail and instant messaging archiving software product.

ADAM integrates with mail servers such as Microsoft Exchange and Lotus Notes, as well as SMTP, and enables companies to migrate e-mail from primary storage onto low-cost media for long-term retention. According to Karim Toubba, vice president of marketing and product management at Atempo, e-mail archiving coupled with de-duplication technology simplifies e-mail administration and gives organizations the ability to provide an unlimited mailbox size to users.

ADAM also includes an embedded, full-context index and search capability that allows users to search for specific e-mails, attachments, and other messaging files. It also features audit control and tracking, as well as retention policy management for compliance purposes.

The software represents Atempo's first foray into delivering an integrated archiving platform. Having released its ADA file archiving platform in April 2008, Atempo has now integrated full-content indexing and search along with de-duplication and a common storage management layer into both ADA and ADAM.

ADAM is sold in three ways: two individual packages and the full edition, in a tiered pricing model. ADAM for Mailbox Management and ADAM for eDiscovery & Compliance are each priced from $80 per mailbox with a 100-mailbox minimum for an entry cost of $8,000. ADAM Full Edition is priced slightly higher with a 100-mailbox minimum at $120 per mailbox for an entry cost of $12,000.

The software runs on Windows, Linux, and Unix.

To say that the digital archiving market is crowded is an understatement. Toubba says there are 23 vendors on his radar when he surveys the competitive landscape. However, he believes Atempo's recent acquisitions and technology development give the company a leg up on the other vendors.

"The integrated technology is a differentiator for us," Toubba claims. "Our software can address both mailbox management and compliance, and we've extended the technology by integrating it with our [Live Backup] file archiving solution to create a common storage layer for e-mail, messaging, search, and file archiving."

In recent months, Atempo has acquired continuous data protection (CDP) vendor Storactive and e-mail archiving vendor Lighthouse Global Technologies, subsequently incorporating both companies' technologies into the Atempo platform.

This article was originally published on June 19, 2008