C2C adds e-mail archiving for SMBs, cloud storage option

By Kevin Komiega

 -- C2C Systems this week announced a cloud storage option and a new, trimmed down version of its e-mail archiving software called ArchiveOne Express, aimed at organizations running Microsoft Exchange with less than 500 users. 

The ArchiveOne Express software is a pared down version of ArchiveOne Enterprise, the company's flagship e-mail archiving product. The Express version supports up to 200 mailboxes in Microsoft Exchange environments. In comparison, ArchiveOne Enterprise can accommodate tens of thousands of mailboxes and support archiving for Exchange, Lotus, SharePoint, Windows File Server and instant messaging.

Express is also limited in terms of policy customization and storage management when compared to the Enterprise product.

"In the past, ArchiveOne has been a one-size-fits-all solution targeted at the corporate marketplace and organizations with tens of thousands of end users with features geared toward that top-level market," says Dave Hunt, CEO, C2C. "The low end of the market, the 50-200 user range, does not need all those high end features."

Also new to the ArchiveOne family is the ArchiveOne CloudDR option, which allows customers to keep a copy of their data onsite, but also writes a copy to an offsite cloud storage provider.

Hunt says ArchiveOne can write to a variety of cloud platforms including Amazon S3, Nirvanix, Microsoft, and Iron Mountain cloud repositories. But C2C is still in the process of locking down a relationship with a specific cloud partner.

"CloudDR is in beta as we try to determine what works best for our customers. Some of the cloud storage providers package their offerings differently and, in some cases, it would be easier for customers to just go and sign up themselves," says Hunt. "We are working with a number of cloud providers to work out which one will give us the best offer."

Pricing for ArchiveOne Express has yet to be finalized, but, according to Hunt, it will cost approximately $40 per mailbox at the 20-mailbox level. ArchiveOne Express will be available this month from C2C's channel partners.

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This article was originally published on August 04, 2009