Caringo conserves power with Darkive for CAStor

By Kevin Komiega

-- The latest version of Caringo's CAStor object-based storage software includes a new Darkive power-saving feature that spins down entire CAStor nodes based on usage and policies.

CAStor 4.0's Darkive adaptive power conservation technology can spin down disks and reduce CPU utilization based on predefined policies or predetermined levels of inactivity.

Darkive dovetails with CAStor's overall architecture, which is based on commodity hardware. The CAStor software turns off-the-shelf and legacy disk systems into storage nodes and dynamically balances load and storage based on usage and node specifications. Caringo CEO Mark Goros says Darkive can be applied to existing hardware with the only caveat being that legacy arrays contain disk drives with spin-down technology.

Individual CAStor nodes can be designated as an archival tier with disks and processors only spinning up when data needs to be recalled from the archive.

In addition to the Darkive debut, Caringo announced version 2.0 of its Content Router. The Content Router is generally used to move data from primary to secondary CAStor clusters, but the new release includes a data collector for indexing and search purposes and an option called Remote Synchronous Writes, which complements Content Router to allow safeguarding of content in more than one cluster.

There is also a new software development kit (SDK) that, according to Goros, speeds up the process of integrating third-party applications with CAStor and reduces the knowledge of HTTP necessary to tie applications into the platform.

Caringo offers a free downloadable version of the software from its website with a 4TB, full-function license key for CAStor, CloudFolder and the SDK.

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This article was originally published on May 14, 2010