Atempo makes Mac archiving a priority

By Kevin Komiega

-- Atempo is making inroads in the archiving world in a non-traditional way. The newest version of the company's Atempo Digital Archive (ADA) product is aimed squarely at the underserved Mac archiving market.

This week the company introduced ADA 2.3 with a new batch of dedicated Mac functions. The software now features server support for Mac OS X, compatibility with Apple Xsan and other shared file systems, and better integration with media applications.

The software now provides full Mac OS X compatibility across all product components and a new Mac-specific administration interface. ADA's new features, together with the software's integration with Apple's Final Cut Server, give Mac users a file archiving platform that is optimized storage-intensive media and entertainment applications, according to Marylise Tauzia, Atempo's director of product marketing.

Though the software was previously available on Windows, Linux and Solaris, the ADA server's new support for Mac OS X gives Apple users the ability to administer and operate the software without having to introduce and maintain another operating system.

"We were already able to archive data in Mac environments, but we now have an ADA server running on Mac OS X," says Tauzia. "The Apple direct sales team can now sell an archiving solution that can be fully deployed in Mac environments."

ADA 2.3 also includes new support for EMC Celerra NAS used as primary storage. The ADA software leaves stubs on the Celerra when files have been moved to archive media.

Windows Server 2008 and Windows Cluster System are also now supported with ADA.

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This article was originally published on April 24, 2009