BakBone adds Windows recovery to NetVault

By Kevin Komiega

-- In an effort to build out its data protection and recovery capabilities for Windows environments, BakBone Software this week announced NetVault: Real-Time Data Protector, a software tool that offers recovery of Microsoft Exchange, SQL Server, and Windows file system data in as fast as 30 seconds, according to company officials.

Real-Time Data Protector supports any-point-in-time and fixed-point-in-time recoveries through both local and remote data protection, giving users the ability to recover a complete Exchange Server, individual storage group, or individual files.

The software also provides granular recovery of individual mailboxes or mailbox items without performing additional brick-level backups. Individual mailbox items can be restored to a .PST file for analysis for discovery or investigative purposes, extending the use of individual message recovery beyond accidental deletions

Users can also search for e-mails that meet specific keywords, such as subject, date, or specific users across all mailboxes without analyzing individual mailboxes

Real-Time Data Protector is the result of a joint technology development deal with Asempra Technologies. The software is based primarily on Asempra's Business Continuity Server (BCS) platform, which provides 30-second recovery for Microsoft applications. However, the difference between the two products goes beyond the branding.

Asempra uses an appliance-based approach under which a BCS box is placed in the network and agents are installed on Windows hosts. BakBone has decoupled the software from the hardware and is offering Real-Time Data Protector as a software-only product.

BakBone will begin selling Real-Time Data Protector in August as a stand-alone product that ties into, but does not require, NetVault: Backup. List price for a Real-Time Data Protector server is $18,750 and includes 512GB of protected capacity and 500 protected Exchange mailboxes. The product scales in increments of 1TB of protected capacity and 250 mailbox licenses.

BakBone plans to target its existing installed base of customers as a starting point for sales of Real-Time Data Protector -- a logical move considering roughly 3,900 Exchange servers and 7,500 SQL servers are currently running NetVault: Backup and its associated application plug-in modules, according to Matt Law, BakBone's product marketing manager.

"We have a lot of customers using NetVault with our plug-ins for Microsoft environments. The addition of Real-Time Data Protector will strengthen our solutions for the Windows space alongside our Linux and Solaris offerings," says Law. "And given that Real-Time Data Protector is not tied to NetVault: Backup, its 30-second recovery capabilities may help us get into certain accounts and open doors that have been closed to us in the past."

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This article was originally published on July 24, 2008