Tandberg Data enters VTL market

By Kevin Komiega

-- Embattled tape specialist Tandberg Data has entered the virtual tape library (VTL) fray with this week's launch of the DPS1000 Series VTL.

Tandberg Data ASA and its sister company, Tandberg Storage ASA, both filed for bankruptcy in April after an unsuccessful bid to repay a lapsed loan from Cyrus Capital. However, the company maintains that it is "business as usual" as it undergoes restructuring and continues to support customers and roll out new products.

Product manager McClain Buggle says the VTL market presents Tandberg with a golden opportunity.

"We are a tape company at heart, and knowing what we know about tape has allowed us to build a disk-based appliance that takes away the pain and frustration associated with tape management," says Buggle.

Tandberg's VTLs are capable of supporting virtual library connections to as many as 100 host systems, including remote servers and virtual machines, and can be used with Tandberg's tape libraries for consolidated off-site backup, archiving and disaster recovery.

According to Buggle, the DPS1000 has been designed to protect data in virtualized environments. The system scales with a one-to-one mapping of a virtual machine to its own VTL connection. If a virtual machine is no longer online, then its library connection is persistently maintained. The DPS1000 is configurable with one to eight drives within a single virtual library. The virtual shelf allows tapes to be electronically removed from the active library and stored for later retrieval or export. Tapes can be moved to other libraries electronically, providing data portability without physically moving tapes.

The DPS1000 creates a secure virtual library connection for each host system in order to isolate data for regulatory compliance purposes. Each client or server has its own dedicated library for backups, and the DPS1000 only allows the system that backed up the data to restore the data.

The VTL also includes Dynamic Data Reduction technology to expand the effective storage capacity available on disk, with compression ratios of up to 10:1. Dynamic Data Reduction functions in-line with data transfer to disk, and automatically detects data compressibility, shutting off reduction for non-compressible data sets.

In terms of scale, the DPS1000 Series can grow to a maximum capacity of 45TB using DPS Expansion Modules.

The DPS1000 VTL is available through Tandberg Data's channel of distributors and resellers. Pricing for a 1U, 3TB DPS1100 is $9,995, while a 2U, 6TB DPS1200 starts at $17,995. The systems scale via Expansion Modules of 4.5TB ($9,500) and 9TB ($12,600).

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This article was originally published on May 14, 2009