Quantum beefs up disk-based backup

By Kevin Komiega

-- Quantum has augmented the capacity and replication features of its DXi7500 disk-based backup system with its first significant round of upgrades for the de-duplicating storage platform.

On the hardware front, Quantum increased the usable disk capacity of the DXi7500 by more than 20% through support for 1TB SATA drives. The addition of 1TB drives is accompanied by an upgrade to double-parity RAID-6 technology (from RAID 5) to increase overall data protection. The largest model now offers a maximum usable capacity of 220TB.

On the software front, Quantum expanded its replication options for multi-site environments and tightened its ties with backup and replication software from EMC, Oracle and Symantec.

The new software release includes enhancements for more granular replication and synchronization of data, providing replication at the cartridge or file/directory level and automatically making data available immediately at the target for restores. Steve Whitner, Quantum's product marketing manager, says this approach allows users to restore data from just-completed file backups and offers improved scheduling and access control.

"Our old system dealt with a whole partition as a unit. The whole unit would have to be replicated before users could do anything with it. More granular access to data gives users at a target site more flexibility to work with data on a cartridge-by-cartridge or file-by-file basis," says Whitner.

Quantum has integrated the DXi7500 with Symantec's OpenStorage (OST) API, which automates the replication process for Veritas NetBackup users and increases control and visibility of data across multiple locations. In addition to its support for NetBackup, the DXi7500 now provides application-aware tape creation support through EMC NetWorker 7.5, facilitating the direct transfer of data from the DXi7500 to tape while under the application's control. This feature lets NetWorker track multiple copies of the same data set on both disk and tape. For backup applications without application-aware tape capabilities, Quantum's Shadow Tape Creation has been updated to enable direct tape creation from the DXi7500 to a tape library in conjunction with a range of backup applications.

Oracle users are also getting a boost with support for Oracle Recovery Manager (RMAN), Oracle's native database backup utility, delivering a 4x increase in de-duplication ratios, according to Whitner.

Pricing for the DXi7500 starts at approximately $98,000.

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This article was originally published on January 30, 2009