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Eric Burgener
Taneja Group

 As is often the case, the bulk of the features in this issue focus on data-protection technologies and trends. For example, in Evaluating ROBO data protection, Taneja Group analyst Eric Burgener takes an in-depth look at the various options for protecting data at remote office and branch office (ROBO) locations—an often-overlooked aspect of an enterprise’s overall data-protection responsibilities.

In part because of the lack of IT expertise at remote locations, a wide variety of options are available. In addition to traditional LAN-based backup software, options include backup software (with or without storage capacity optimization techniques) with WAN-based data transfer to a centralized location, continuous data protection (CDP), replication and/or snapshots, and WAN acceleration appliances. Furthermore, we’re seeing increased interest in traditional online backup services and, more recently, so-called cloud-based backup services, such as Amazon’s S3, EMC’s Mozy, and Nirvanix’s Storage Delivery Network, and more to come. (Our next issue will include a feature article focused on cloud storage, aka Storage as a Service.)

Christine Taylor
Taneja Group

In What is DPM 2.0?, Taneja Group analyst Christine Taylor delves into the second generation of data-protection management (DPM) software tools. The latest crop of these tools goes well beyond the basic capacity reporting and forecasting functions of the first generation of DPM. Examples of the advanced functionality include cross-domain insight, cross-domain correlation, and predictive analysis. The goal is to better manage the backup process to optimize your data protection.

Our focus on data protection continues with the two articles on tape trends in our Special Report section, both of which were written by freelancer Mark Ferelli. One of these articles examines tape-based encryption—specifically, the drive-level encryption included in LTO-4 products, which provides a relatively easy and inexpensive way to secure data on tape cartridges. The other article provides guidelines for improving one of the more mundane tasks on storage administrators’ to-do list: tape media management.

For those of you tasked with data protection, we also recommend some recent Webcasts that are archived at infostor.com, including Backup vs. Archive: Never the Two Shall Meet?; Data De-Duplication, Replication, and DR: Better RPO and RTO; Data Protection Strategies for SMBs; Building a Tiered Data Protection Environment; and The Data De-Duplication Effect.

Dave Simpson

This article was originally published on August 01, 2008