i365 offers cloud replication service

By Kevin Komiega

-- Seagate's storage software arm, i365, today announced a cloud storage-based replication service for medium-sized businesses that takes data offsite to the i365 Cloud.

Using the new EVault Offsite Replication Service, customers can maintain a mirrored copy of their onsite backup data in i365's Cloud, which is comprised of a network of Tier III and IV SAS 70 Type II certified data centers.

The replication service will be available as a cloud extension to a customer's internal infrastructure, allowing them to manage their remote vault within the i365 Cloud, or as a managed service, which includes a team of i365 staffers that manage both the onsite and offsite vaults.

The service has been designed to make the most out of bandwidth and capacity. The EVault software uses a number of optimization technologies, including client-side quick file scanning, delta processing, and compression.  Backup data is also deduplicated at the onsite vault to limit the amount of data being replicated to the cloud.

The EVault Offsite Replication Service also supports encryption of backup data in-transit.

Terry Cunningham, i365's senior vice president and general manager, says the replication service marks the first step on a new path for the company as it attempts to become a leader in the cloud storage space.

"Our offerings have been rip-and-replace in the past, and that is an unreasonable request for customers. Now we're agnostic and work with legacy backup packages," says Cunningham. "We can get to the cloud without gutting the infrastructure."

EVault Offsite Replication Service will be available in November with pricing based on the total consumption of deduplicated capacity.

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This article was originally published on October 07, 2009