Adaptec embeds power management in RAID controllers

By Kevin Komiega

-- Adaptec today announced the availability of a new power-saving feature for its Series 2 and Series 5 RAID Unified Serial RAID controllers aimed at applying power management techniques to often-idle SATA and SAS hard disk drives (HDDs).

The new Intelligent Power Management feature is a free addition to the company's controllers and lets IT managers, systems integrators, and OEM partners customize storage systems to reduce power consumed by disks or banks of disks by configuring different power states at varying times and automating the process of spinning drives up and down based on usage patterns.

According to Suresh Panikar, Adaptec's director of worldwide marketing, HDDs are major energy hogs, consuming about one-third of the power used by all storage systems in IT environments. He says users can potentially save hundreds of thousands of dollars each year using Intelligent Power Management technology.

"The Intelligent Power Management capabilities of our Series 2 and Series 5 Unified Serial RAID controllers are ideal for applications with idle time such as file and print servers, e-mail archives, and disk-to-disk backup," says Panikar.

He claims the technology can reduce the power used by storage systems by 70%.

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This article was originally published on September 03, 2008