StorMagic creates virtual SAN for VMware

By Kevin Komiega

-- StorMagic has wrapped its iSCSI SAN management software in a virtualized format to turn unused storage capacity on VMware servers into a virtual SAN.

Today the company announced the availability of the StorMagic SvSAN, a virtual storage appliance that aggregates existing server storage capacity and presents it as a shared SAN, allowing end users to take advantage of the high-end features of VMware environments, such as VMotion, without the need for an external SAN.

SvSAN starts with 2TB of managed capacity and scales to unlimited storage. Available for less than $2,000, the SvSAN lets administrators create, manage and provision data stores directly from VMware's vCenter management console. Users can subsequently manage the StorMagic iSCSI SAN and the internal RAID controller from one interface.

"We have taken our iSCSI SAN software and fit it into a format so that it will run as a virtual machine (VM). When in a VM form factor, the software leverages the storage resources of ESX servers and presents that storage as a virtual SAN," says Mike Stolz, StorMagic's vice president of marketing.

Stolz believes the SvSAN is a simple alternative to direct-attached storage (DAS) for smaller companies that want to use advanced VMware features, but lack the necessary shared storage infrastructure.

"There are a significant number of customers out there using DAS, which may be a barrier to adoption of VMware," says Stolz. "When you turn on shared storage in a VMware environment it allows you to use more advanced services like VMotion."

StorMagic is following the lead of companies such as Symantec and VMware by offering the base SvSAN software at no charge. More advanced functionality, such as active-active mirroring for high availability and additional capacity management licenses, are optional and start at $995.

Virtual SAN appliances for Microsoft Hyper-V and Citrix XenServer environments will be available in the future, according to Stolz.

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This article was originally published on February 18, 2009