EMC Forum: Integration, integration, integration

– At the EMC Forum conference last week, the emphasis was on integration, including VMware, private clouds, Unisphere, vStorage APIs, vBlock, and EMC's entire product line, according to an article by Drew Robb on InfoStor partner site Enterprise Storage Forum.

EMC executives also addressed the Greenplum acquisition (see "EMC to buy Greenplum for ‘big data' private clouds").

According to Drew's article: "Two years ago at the EMC Forum the worlds of storage networking and VMware seemed a galaxy apart. The VMware guys huddled in distinct groups and had their own sessions that that had little to do with data storage, and spoke in a language that few in the larger storage camp could understand.

"At this year's event, all that changed. Not only were the VMware tracks more aligned via EMC's journey to the private cloud messaging, but the storage guys were now talking the same lingo. EMC has embraced the language of virtualization across its culture . . . and the virtual-speak was part and parcel of EMC's own technical presentations about backup, Symmetrix and storage management."

Read the full story on Enterprise Storage Forum: "EMC Paints Stronger Integration Picture at EMC Forum."

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This article was originally published on July 23, 2010