EMC adds unstructured data to SourceOne's archiving

By Kevin Komiega

-- EMC (NYSE: EMC) continued to round out its SourceOne e-mail management and archiving software this week with the launches of EMC SourceOne File Intelligence and SourceOne for File Systems, a pair of products designed to manage unstructured data.

Combined with the recent addition of SourceOne for SharePoint to the family, the suite is now capable of providing data archiving, e-discovery and visibility for multiple content types, including e-mail, SharePoint and files (see "EMC launches SourceOne for SharePoint").

EMC SourceOne for File Systems

SourceOne for File Systems is a software module that allows for the policy-based archiving of inactive or duplicate content stored on file systems. The module enforces retention policies across high volumes of unstructured content to ensure compliance with internal policies and external regulations. 

SourceOne for File Systems is currently in controlled release and will be generally available in the third quarter of 2010 for $23 per user.

EMC SourceOne File Intelligence

SourceOne File Intelligence is an appliance that essentially locates and classifies data so that administrators know where and when to store unstructured data.

The appliance is a Linux-based RAID system capable of scaling to manage 100 million files per node. It allows organizations to delete and move data according to organizational policies and can be configured to run regular scans of content in file servers using basic file attributes or the file content. 

SourceOne File Intelligence carries a starting price of $40,000 and is available today.

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This article was originally published on June 24, 2010