BakBone ships NetVault with disk-based backup, dedupe features

By Kevin Komiega

-- BakBone Software is finally getting into the disk-based backup game with today's release of NetVault: Backup 8.5, a new version of its flagship backup platform, which offers disk-based backup and data deduplication options through integration with a new product called NetVault: SmartDisk.

Dawn Campbell, senior product manager at BakBone, says the SmartDisk disk-based backup and data deduplication option reduces capacity costs through the use of byte-level, variable block-based deduplication.

SmartDisk also offers deduplication with encryption. BakBone's job-level deduplication and encryption capabilities allow users to deduplicate primary copies and encrypt secondary copies.

SmartDisk is the first product to ship as part of BakBone's recently announced Open Data Protection platform. The Open Data Protection platform is a group of products designed to extend BakBone's tape-based backup technologies to the world of disk with integrated data deduplication.

In addition to the debut of SmartDisk, BakBone added enhancements to the NetVault: Backup platform. Version 8.5 features AES-256 and CAST-256 encryption and support for a Microsoft Hyper-V Plugin. The Hyper-V Plugin provides centralized backup and recovery of virtual and physical environments from a single console and online protection of Windows-based virtual machines running VSS aware applications, such as Microsoft Exchange Server, SQL Server and SharePoint Server.

The software also has the ability to perform image-level backups for disaster recovery and Windows Guest OS file-level backups.

NetVault: Backup 8.5 supports Windows 2008 R2, Windows 7, Mac OS X Snow Leopard and several Linux platforms.

NetVault: Backup 8.5 and NetVault: SmartDisk will be available by the end of October.

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This article was originally published on October 14, 2009