Quantum brings dedupe to remote offices

By Kevin Komiega

Quantum has added a disk-based backup system to its DXi family and upgraded its management software in an attempt to extend its data deduplication and replication technologies for customers with remote locations.

The new DXi2500-D appliance is designed to be deployed at remote offices in conjunction with Quantum's larger DXi7500 at a central location. The DXi2500-D can replicate encrypted data to a central DXi7500 while using global deduplication to reduce the total amount of data being transmitted and, as a result, cut down on capacity and network bandwidth requirements.

Steve Whitner, marketing manager for the DXi line, claims that Quantum's replication and global deduplication technologies can reduce disk capacity requirements by as much as 90%, or more.

"The DXi2500-D sends data from remote locations back to a central device, where it is stored once. We dedupe against all other data and can determine whether data has already been sent from another device before it is transmitted," Whitner explains. "The global approach to deduplication saves disk space locally and at the central location, but also saves on bandwidth requirements and costs."

The DXi2500-D has 1.8TB of usable capacity; a 300GB/hour ingest rate, RAID-6 data protection, a NAS interface, embedded replication, and is compatible with all products based on Quantum's deduplication technology.

The appliance initially supports CommVault's Simpana and Symantec's NetBackup applications via Symantec's OpenStorage (OST) API. The API integration allows NetBackup customers to deploy application-aware replication across sites.

Bringing remote-office data into the fold is the first step. Centralizing the management of all connected systems is step two. To that end, Quantum released version 3.0 of its Vision software to tie the management of its disk-based backup and tape systems together under a single management platform.

The reporting capabilities of Vision 3.0 cover both the DXi series of disk-based systems and the company's Scalar line of tape libraries.

Quantum is using the debut of the DXi-2500-D to make some changes to its pricing model by including all software licenses in the base pricing. The new system is available now for $12,500, which includes replication and OST licenses.

The Vision software is priced at $3,750 for a single device license.

Quantum also offers a Remote Office Starter Pack including three DXi2500-D units, Vision 3.0 software, and a replication license for the DXi7500.

This article was originally published on July 01, 2009