Viridity launches software for power provisioning

By Kevin Komiega

-- Startup Viridity Software has taken a cue from energy efficiency consortiums such as the Green Grid to come up with a software tool that helps data center and facilities managers find power, cooling and real estate they didn't know they had.

The company is set to announce the general availability of its EnergyCenter data center energy monitoring, measurement and management software. According to the company, EnergyCenter helps companies manage the power consumption of servers, storage arrays and switches to improve utilization, reduce the risk of power outages, and meet "green" data center goals.

EnergyCenter measures energy consumption at the device level and tracks actual utilization for each specific IT device. Energy consumption is then profiled to identify opportunities for consolidation, as well as optimally plan for placement of new equipment.

Viridity's vice president of marketing, Steve Keilen, says EnergyCenter represents a new approach towards measuring energy consumption in the data center.

"A lot of customers think they're out of space and out of power because they base their [provisioning] on information from the manufacturer. However, the faceplate is inaccurate," says Keilen. "We use standard protocols – not software agents – to discover devices and provide real-time, actual utilization for a given piece of equipment."

Slated for release next week, Viridity's EnergyCenter software will be sold on an annual subscription basis and offered at an entry price of approximately $25,000.

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This article was originally published on March 19, 2010