Welcome to InfoStor!

Welcome to InfoStor!

Dave Simpson


A magazine is--or should be--a product of its readers as much as of its editors, writers, and contributors. That`s why in the first issue of InfoStor we`re asking for your feedback.

InfoStor exists to assist you in solving storage integration problems, charting trends to help you make better business decisions and keeping pace with the dynamic $50 billion+ storage market. To do that, we need to know what your concerns are. Email me with suggestions for future story topics.

Is our content too "technical"? Not technical enough? Would you like to see more tutorials? User case studies? Trend stories? Vendor profiles? Also feel free to pipe up with complaints and encomiums. I`m only 18 keystrokes away: daves@pennwell.com.

In this issue

Few topics in the storage industry create as much controversy as interfaces. From the SCSI standards battles of yesteryear to the more recent Fibre Channel vs. SSA skirmishes, there never seems to be a dearth of issues to fight about. But most of the blood gets spilled in standards committees and vendor camps. What end-users and storage integrators care about is matching interfaces to applications, at a reasonable price- performance point.

That`s why we concentrated on the interface-application mix in our Cover Story--"Fibre Channel: A Bus is Born." After a baptism by fire, Fibre Channel is (almost?) ready to take over where SCSI has left off. But SCSI isn`t fading into oblivion. There`s plenty of spunk left in the interface that was created more than a decade ago, and recent improvements may give it the late-life kick it needs to keep meeting your application requirements.

On the desktop, in contrast to the phonetically challenged "scuzzy," Firewire has the right sound--and blazing speed--but it may be a bus for the next century despite all the vendor-supplied hype. To make your own call, see "Firewire, Firewhy, Firewhen?" on page 22 and the Opinion piece that closes this issue ("I/O, I/O, the Channel Is Too Slow").

Storage takes center stage

Mark your calendars: The second annual InfoStor Conference & Exhibition is coming to the heart of Silicon Valley in March. For details, see the brochure that came with this issue or call WPC Expositions at (908) 788-0343 x135.

One final note: Thanks to everybody who contributed to making InfoStor the definitive magazine of storage integration technology.

This article was originally published on October 01, 1997