The X factor

The X factor

Meanwhile, the X race continues in the CD-ROM market. About a year ago, 8X drives were the norm; now, 24X drives are the best sellers. And you can expect a slew of 32X CD-ROM announcements at next month`s COMDEX show. However, 32X drives may be the last hurrah for CD-ROM, as DVD begins to eclipse CD-ROM. (For more information on DVD, look for the Cover Story in the December issue of InfoStor.)

Due to plummeting prices, sales of writable versions of CD drives are expected to grow from 1.4 million last year to 4.7 million by the year 2000, according to Disk/Trend. Write-once CD-R drives dominate this market segment, but shipments of rewritable CD-RW drives ramped up this year and are expected to gradually replace write-once drives over the next few years.

Shipments of other writable optical drives, with capacities of less than 2 GB, almost doubled last year, due largely to the popularity of 3.5-inch MO drives. But rapidly increasing capacities and lower prices of standard rigid disk drives will put the damper on shipments of 3.5-inch MO drives. However, 5.25-inch MO drives with capacities in excess of 2 GB should pick up some of the slack, reaching 432,000 units shipped in the year 2000, according to Disk/Trend.

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This article was originally published on October 01, 1997