CommVault vaults into enterprise

CommVault vaults into enterprise

Going head-to-head with storage management heavyweights such as HP, IBM, Legato, and Veritas (see chart), CommVault Systems last month introduced the Vault98 enterprise storage management suite. One of the lesser known of the storage management software vendors, CommVault was spun off from AT&T Bell Labs in mid-1996.

The Year 2000-compliant Vault98 includes a number of integrated storage management functions, including file system and very large database (VLDB) backup and recovery, disaster recovery, three-level hierarchical storage management (HSM), archiving, and data migration. Backup and recovery operates at the native object level. The suite runs only on Sun servers and a limited number of storage hardware devices, but it supports virtually every client platform.

Although rivals such as IBM and Veritas may have the name recognition, CommVault may have technology advantages. "Vault98 is a unique combination of traditional storage management services, but it`s also an NFS file server with archiving, and they`ve paid a lot of attention to their HSM," says Mark Nicolett, a senior analyst with the Gartner Group consulting firm in Stamford, CT. Nicolett also lauds Vault98`s support for native incremental backup and the level of functionality in the Exchange client.

Via its proprietary DataPipe technology, CommVault claims backup speeds of up to 500 GB per hour to DLT drives over a 100BaseT connection.

Vault98 pricing starts at $30,000. Typical pricing is in the $250,000 range, according to company officials.

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This article was originally published on October 01, 1997