Emass adds "low-end" DLT library

Emass adds "low-end" DLT library

Expanding the scalability of its libraries, Emass has added a 12-drive module--the AML/S--with 158 DLT7000 cartridges that can be expanded to a four-module configuration with 48 drives and 788 cartridges. Maximum capacity is 27.6TB (native) with an aggregate throughput rate of 864GB per hour. Although

huge, the library is dwarfed by Emass` AML/2, which supports more than 50,000 cartridges. Emass claims that the library can handle 350 cartridge exchanges per hour.

In addition to DLT7000, the AML/S mixed-media library supports DLT4000, Philips 3490E, and IBM Magstar 3590 tape technologies. Users can mix Magstar 3590 and DLT drives in the library.

Separately, Emass and ADIC announced an OEM agreement under which ADIC will sell a modified version of the AML/S library. In turn, Emass will private label and sell ADIC`s Scalar DLT libraries, a midrange series that ranges from a two-drive 18-cartridge configuration to a

4-drive 48-cartridge library. Contact Emass at (303) 792-9700, www.emass.com.

Meanwhile, ADIC recently introduced the low-end FastStor DLT library, a seven-tape unit that is priced at $5,995 with a DLT4000 drive, which is only about 30% more than ADIC`s least expensive standalone drive. Contact ADIC at (800) 336-1233, www.adic.com.

This article was originally published on December 01, 1997