Eurologic enters Fibre Channel market

Eurologic enters Fibre Channel market

Dublin, Ireland-based Eurologic Systems demonstrated at last month`s Comdex its first entry into the Fibre Channel array market. The company`s XL-400 operates at full FC speeds (100MBps or 200MBps in full-duplex mode) and supports direct connection of up to 126 devices.

For increased fault tolerance, the array is based on a passive FC-AL backplane with dual redundant hot-swappable Port Bypass Circuits, Advanced Cooling Modules, and power supplies. It also includes an environmental monitoring unit that checks for irregularities in drives, power supplies, ACMs, and temperature system.

Volume shipments begin this month. Contact Eurologic Systems at 011-353-12958366 or visit www.eurologic.com.

This article was originally published on December 01, 1997