System vendors dominate, but Indies growing stronger

System vendors dominate, but `Indies` growing stronger

Systems vendors continue to overwhelmingly dominate the disk subsystem market, but a few independents (EMC, Box Hill, and MTI) are expected to maintain positions in the top 24 when year-end revenues are tallied, according to International Data Corp., a market research firm in Framingham, MA.

EMC is expected to boost its market share from 8.6% in 1996 to 10.2% this year, but it will cede the #2 spot to Compaq, which should jump from an 8.2% to an 11.7% share. IBM will remain king of the hill, although its market share is expected to drop from 17.7% to 15.7%.

In terms of revenue growth, the big winners were Dell (123% growth), Compaq (52%), EMC (27%), and Sun (27%).

Outside of the top 24 suppliers, a number of independents are expected to post strong revenue growth, while holding on to a 3% or smaller piece of the pie. Examples (in decreasing order of projected 1997 revenues) include Andataco, Storage Dimensions, Micronet, Artecon, Storage Computer, Symbios Logic, Storage Solutions, Ciprico, MaxStrat, Storage Concepts, CMD, Nstor, ECCS, Seek Systems, and Zitel. The total market for disk subsystems is expected to exceed $25.6 billion, according to IDC.--DS

This article was originally published on December 01, 1997