STK to ship VSM

STK to ship VSM

Storage Technology is expected to ship late in the next quarter its long-awaited Virtual Storage Manager (VSM). VSM will compete with IBM`s Magstar Virtual Tape Server and Sutmyn Storage Corp.`s Scimitar.

VSM is based on STK`s Iceberg RAID array, which functions as the "disk cache" in the virtual tape system. Developed by STK, Iceberg is marketed and sold by IBM as the Ramac Virtual Array (RVA). IBM uses its own 7133 disk subsystem in the Magstar Virtual Tape Server.

STK claims maximum mount rates of more than 3,600 per hour, with a typical rate of 2,000 mounts per hour. STK also claims a 10:1 reduction in the number of tape cartridges required, and support for up to 64 virtual drives and 100,000 virtual volumes.

Although late to the party, STK may not have a time-to-market disadvantage. Although IBM claims to have shipped more than 300 virtual tape systems, Sutmyn has only sold a handful, and STK is the market leader in installed tape libraries.--DS

This article was originally published on December 01, 1997