Veritas rounds out storage management strategy

Veritas rounds out storage management strategy

Dave Simpson

Veritas Software plans to deliver by the end of next month a key building block in its soup-to-nuts approach to storage management. The upcoming Storage Manager software will allow administrators to monitor distributed storage devices from a central console. The policy-based software interfaces to Veritas` other storage management tools, including the Veritas File System, Hierarchical Storage Manager, Volume Manager, and NetBackup.

"Storage Manager ties all the Veritas applications together," says Anders Lofgren, senior analyst with the Giga Information Group consulting firm, Cambridge, MA. "Next year we`ll start to see tangible products that demonstrate integration of all their products from the acquisition [of OpenVision]."

Storage Manager consoles link to agent-based devices through a Storage Management Engine that runs Solaris. An HP-UX version is next, with a Windows NT version due when NT 5.0 ships.

Via APIs, Storage Manager can be integrated with systems/network management platforms such as Computer Associates` Unicenter, Hewlett-Packard`s OpenView, and IBM`s Tivoli.

Veritas also introduced, but will not deliver until later next year, two related storage management tools: Storage Advisor, which provides configuration analysis capabilities and recommends storage layout changes to optimize performance, and Storage Planner, a predictive resource analysis tool for forecasting future storage requirements. The three packages compose Veritas` Intelligent Storage Management suite. Advisor is due in the second quarter; planner is due in the third.

Pricing for Storage Manager begins at $1,500 and ranges up to $10,000, depending on server size. Pricing for Advisor and Planner is not available. Contact Veritas Software at (415) 335-8000, www.veritas.com.

This article was originally published on December 01, 1997