Vixel intros Fibre Channel hub

Vixel intros Fibre Channel hub

At last month`s Comdex, Vixel demonstrated the Rapport Hub 2000, the high-end member of its Rapport line of Fibre Channel storage interconnect solutions.

The 2000 model offers advanced diagnostic features, including loop integrity to prevent rogue nodes from entering the loop and an optional graphical user interface module based on standard network management protocols to simplify management activities and reduce overall management hardware costs.

"Our end-user research shows that the majority of time it takes to recover from a fault is spent locating the problem," says Jeff Vogel, Vixel`s vice president of sales and marketing. "In other words, if it takes 10 minutes from discovery of a fault to a resolution of the problem, 9 of that 10 minutes is spent just isolating the problem, with just a minute to actually resolve it once it is located." Vixel claims that the 2000`s diagnostic features will reduce problem recovery time by as much as 95%, compared to some existing hubs.

The Rapport Hub 2000 supports 12 Fibre Channel Loop ports, allowing users to connect up to 126 devices. The hub uses hot-pluggable GigaBit Interface Converters (fiber optic or copper), runs at speeds of up to 100MBps, and allows for remote clustering up to 10 kilometers. A "pay as you go" feature allows users to scale the hub to current system requirements. For example, if your application only involves two servers and two storage subsystems, you can minimize up-front costs by initially purchasing just a hub (with or without the management card) and four GBICs. Additional GBICs and hubs can be added later at a cost of $8,250 per hub (add $750 for the GUI card) and $300 or $250 per GBIC (depending on whether you opt for short-wave optical or copper).

Vixel is currently sampling the 2000 hub; volume shipments are expected in the first quarter of 1998. Contact Vixel Corp. at (206) 806-5509 or visit www.vixel.com.--HB

This article was originally published on December 01, 1997