www.infostor.com: Now Available from Your Web Browser

www.infostor.com: Now Available from Your Web Browser

Ron Cordek



You`re a storage integrator who`s experiencing tape incompatibility problems in your enterprise. You`re frustrated, confused and want to talk with someone--BUT--it`s 2:00 am. You click onto www.infostor.com`s open forum and ask for advice.


You`re an IT storage manager who needs critical decision-making information to justify a new storage-area network (SAN) configuration. You click onto www.infostor.com and read the latest white paper on SANs.

These two scenarios provide insight to the thinking of our web development team as we designed www.infostor.com. We realized that a visitor to www.infostor.com has limited time and is a serious business technologist who sometimes works without a watch. We went to the drawing board with a commitment to deliver in-depth information in an easy-to-navigate environment. We`re live right now from your web browser.

Let`s take a minute and navigate our storage ship through www.infostor.com`s home page...

In www.infostor.com`s "Storage Technology Open Forum," you are able to ask for help, discuss storage issues or get opinions about enterprise storage technologies from other storage professional visitors.

"Storage Technology White Papers" offer an environment for you to read detailed information on storage technologies from leaders in the storage industry.

If you want to contact one of the key storage-industry associations, organizations or research companies in our industry, click the "Industry Organizations and Research Companies" button for their URL.

For your in-depth reading enjoyment we`ve posted InfoStor`s current cover stories and the magazine`s Table of Contents.

Finally, you can find information about InfoStor `98--our storage conference and exhibition--by clicking onto InfoStor 98`s button.

www.infostor.com is designed to be a fluid complement to your storage technology decision-making process. Take a few minutes and "check us out." Then let us know what you think by e-mail to rcordek@pennwell.com.

Thanks. Click.

This article was originally published on January 01, 1998