Four vendors achieve RAB top rating

Four vendors achieve RAB top rating

So far, only four RAID vendors have achieved the highest classification for extended data availability and protection (EDAP), as defined by the RAID Advisory Board (RAB): EMC (Symmetrix), Comparex (T2000), Hitachi Data Systems (HDS 7700), and MTI Technology (Gladiator ESS). The RAB`s highest classification for EDAP is referred to as Disaster Tolerant Disk System Plus (DTDS+) and requires a disk array to meet 21 criteria for data protection.

The RAB classifications are intended to help IT managers evaluate the ability of RAID systems to meet their needs for fault tolerance and continuous data access.

Among the 21 criteria for DTDS+ classification are protection against disk failures, I/O bus failures, power outages, component failure, controller failure, cache failure, and temperature thresholds. The array must also provide detailed fault analysis and notification.

For more details about the RAB`s classification scheme, go to www.raid-advisory.com or see "The RAB Guide to Nonstop Data Access," p. 20.--DS

This article was originally published on January 01, 1998