Toshiba unveils DVD-RAM

Toshiba unveils DVD-RAM

This quarter, Toshiba will begin shipping volume quantities of DVD-RAM drives. The two new drives, the SD-W1001 (SCSI interface) and SD-W1002 (ATAPI interface) store 2.6GB on single-sided and 5.2GB on double-sided DVD-RAM discs. The drives are read-compatible with current DVD media (DVD-ROM, DVD-R, and DVD-RAM) and all CD-ROM media (including CD-R and CD-RW) and feature a 1,352KBps transfer rate when reading DVD-RAM media. Both drives are half-height internal units. List price: $799.

Toshiba is also shipping a second-generation DVD-ROM drive and a super-slim 24X CD-ROM drive for notebooks. Able to read all current DVD-ROM and CD-based media, the DVD-ROM drive (SD-M1102) employs constant angular velocity (CAV) technology and a 256K buffer to deliver a 2X-max read (1.35 MBps to 2.7 MBps) of DVD media and a 24X-max read (1.55MBps to 3.6MBps) of CD media. The SD-1102 can access DVD-ROM media in 160ms and CD-ROM media in 105ms. The drive is designed to read data recorded by write-once DVD-ROM drives.

Toshiba`s slim-line (12.7mm high) CD-ROM drive for notebooks combines a 24X transfer rate with a low 3.8W power consumption. The drive also features Toshiba`s active vibration detector to minimize vibration and ECC activities. The DVD-ROM drive is priced at $279; the CD-ROM drive, at $125.

This article was originally published on January 01, 1998