Mitsumi Electronics ships DVD-ROM

Mitsumi Electronics ships DVD-ROM

Mitsumi Electronics recently unveiled its DR200M DVD-ROM internal drive for desktop PCs, which conforms to the enhanced IDE architecture. The drive features a dual-laser pickup that allows the playback of several compact disc technologies, including CD audio, CD-ROM, CD-R, and CD-RW. It delivers a data transfer speed of 2,700KBps (2x) for DVD and 3,800KBps (24X) for CD-ROM. The drive supports multiple block transfers for faster throughput and transfer rates of up to 16.7MBps. Average access time is less than 150ms for DVD and 90ms for CD-ROM. Price: $299.

The CR-2801TE CD-R drive combines 2X-speed writing with 8X-speed playback. The new drive stores up to 650MB per disc. Additionally, it delivers a data transfer speed of 1,200KBps (8X) for playback and 300KBps (2X) for recording, with an average access time of less than 200 milliseconds. The drive can read and write in a variety of formats, including Photo-CD and CD-DA. The drive is available now at $499.

The FX320S provides 32X spin-rate performance and high-speed data throughput, supporting transfer rates of 4,800KBps, an 85ms average access time and a 256KB built-in memory buffer. The FX320S is priced at $199.




This article was originally published on January 01, 1998