Tandberg boosts MLR drive to 50GB

Tandberg boosts MLR drive to 50GB

This month, Tandberg begins production shipments of its MLR-3 tape drive. The second-generation drive offers 50GB (25GB native) and a 4MBps transfer rate. The new drive features thin-film MR heads and new media that supports higher capacity and performance. The MLR3 is available as a stand-alone drive (external and internal) or as a bundled package with Seagate Software Storage Suite for Desktop and Servers, a 25GB Imation MLR tape cartridge, and cables for connection to a 16-bit SCSI interface. The drive is priced at $2,749 for an internal version and $2,949 for an external version; the bundled configuration is priced at $2,979 (internal) and $3,169 (external).




This article was originally published on January 01, 1998