Imation to ship Travan NS 20 cartridges

Imation to ship Travan NS 20 cartridges

Later this quarter, Imation will begin shipping the Travan NS 20 cartridge, the newest addition to the company`s NS cartridge series. The cartridge incorporates Imation`s new Guiding System, which increases track densities by 150%. The NS cartridge has a capacity of 20GB (compressed) and features Imation`s proprietary Blackwatch backcoating, which protects data from static and wound-in debris. Price: $49.99 per cartridge.

Also, Imation has launched its brand of MLR3 and SLR5 data cartridges, designed for Tandberg Data`s MLR3 and SLR5 tape drives. The 25GB MLR3 cartridge is available for $133. The 4GB SLR5 will be available later this quarter at $49.99.




This article was originally published on January 01, 1998