QLogic ships chip-to-board Fibre Channel solutions

QLogic ships chip-to-board Fibre Channel solutions

QLogic has begun sampling its 66MHz ISP2100A PCI-to-Fibre Channel chip, which the company claims can sustain PCI data transfer rates as high as 528MBps. An enhanced version of QLogic`s 33MHz ISP2100 chip, the 2100A has a 64-bit PCI host interface, a RISC processor, Fibre Channel protocol engine, dedicated transmit and receive frame buffers, and 100MBps serial transceivers implemented on a single chip.

Also for the OEM market, QLogic`s FTEC440 is a single-chip, dual-loop embedded-transceiver disk-drive controller. The chip is designed for drive manufacturers that have not yet entered the Fibre Channel market. (Currently, only Seagate is shipping Fibre Channel drives.)

On the host adapter front, QLogic this month began production shipments of the QLA2100F PCI-to-Fibre Channel board for fiber-optic cable media. The board is based on QLogic`s ISP2100 chip.

QLogic is also sampling the ISP1080 PCI-to-Ultra2 SCSI chip, which has a 64-bit PCI interface and a dual-processor architecture. Ultra2 SCSI supports data transfer rates of up to 80MBps.

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This article was originally published on January 01, 1998