Pioneer offers DVD-R drive

Pioneer offers DVD-R drive

Pioneer has introduced a bevy of new products, including a DVD-R drive and media, a second-generation DVD-ROM drive, and a 32X CD-ROM drive. Compatible with version 1.0 of the DVD-R standard, Pioneer`s DVR-S101 drive offers 3.95GB of storage--roughly six times more than a CD-R disc. The drive also features a 1,385 KBps transfer rate and a data buffer capacity of 6MB, which means a complete 3.95GB drive can be written in about 50 minutes. The drive comes with five DVD-R discs and pre-mastering software. Additional DVD-R discs are available for $49.95 each. The DVR-S101 is available through distribution channels at a list price of $16,995.

Also available is the DVD-102/103, Pioneer`s second-generation DVD-ROM drive, which is 2.6 times the speed of its first-generation

technology. The slot-load drive supports 24X CD-ROM speeds and is compatible with several disc formats: CD-ROM, CD-R, and CD-RW. The DVD-102/103 drive has an ATAPI interface; the DVD-302, a SCSI interface. For DVD-ROM disks, the average seek time of both drives is less than 115 msec, with an average access time of less than 140 msec. For CD-ROM disks, the seek time is less than 90 msec; the access time is less than 120 msec. The 5.25-inch half-height drives are priced at $229.

On the CD side, Pioneer unveiled a 5.25-inch half-height 32X CD-ROM drive. The drive operates at 7,300 rpm, features a brushless motor, and is available with a SCSI (DR506S) or ATAPI (DR504S) interface. The drive has a sustained data transfer rate of 4,800KBps, with a burst rate of 16.6MBps, a 60ms random seek and 70ms random access times and a 128K buffer. The drive is available through OEM and distribution channels. Estimated street price is $129.


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This article was originally published on January 01, 1998