Storage Dimensions adds RAID, DLT

Storage Dimensions adds RAID, DLT

Upping the capacity and speed of its entry-level and mid-range RAID systems, Storage Dimensions has added 9.1GB 7,200rpm drives to its RAIDPro line and 10,000rpm drives to its SuperFlex family.

RAIDPro subsystems now pack up to 45.5GB in a small footprint (5.25 x 8.75 x 14 inches) with up to six drives per enclosure. The systems come with multiple hot-spare drives, triple-redundant power supplies, and dual cooling fans. The RAIDpro VL with three 9.1GB drives and a one-channel DGR RAIDCard controller with 16MB of cache starts at $7,818. A high-end RAIDPro XL includes six 9.1GB drives and a two-channel UltraSCSI controller with 32MB of cache, and is priced at $14,305. Both subsystems can be upgraded to 64MB of cache.

The SuperFlex 3000 DGR Ultra RAID subsystems now come with 10,000rpm UltraSCSI drives. The 3.5-inch drives are available in 4.3GB or 9.1GB versions. By the end of this quarter, Storage Dimensions plans to add 18.2GB 7,200rpm drives to its SuperFlex lineup. A SuperFlex 3000 with three 4.3GB drives starts at $9,700. A system with seven 9.1GB drives is priced at $20,900 with 128MB of cache.

Both RAID subsystems are compatible with Windows NT and NetWare.

Storage Dimensions has also added a DLT tape library with RAID functionality for fault tolerance in Windows NT environments. RAID functionality is not available with NetWare or Unix-compatible versions of the P1000 library. The 2.1TB library can back up at rates of as much as 144GB per hour. The units can be configured as RAID-5 tape arrays with Computer Associates` ARCserve 6.5 for Windows NT storage management software. Users can configure the library with two DLT4000 drives and 16 tape cartridges or as many as four DLT7000 drives and 30 cartridges for more than 2TB of compressed capacity. Prices range from $24,000 to $63,000. The ARCserve option starts at $2,625.

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This article was originally published on February 01, 1998