Emulex offers non-OFC option

Emulex offers non-OFC option

Emulex has added a non-OFC (Open Fiber Control) connection option to its LightPulse family of PCI Fibre Channel host adapters (LP6000) and arbitrated loop hubs (LH2000). The LP6000 can be installed with a non-OFC GLM option, while the LH2000 series hubs can automatically detect the interface type to provide connections to both OFC and non-OFC interfaces. The auto-configuring feature in the hubs was developed in conjunction with Finisar Corp.

OFC is a protocol that ensures a proper physical connection before transmitting full-power laser signals over fiber-optic cable. Non-OFC devices bypass the OFC protocol but transmit at an energy level deemed safe to human eyesight.

The LP6000E-N1 with non-OFC optical GLM is priced at $2,670. The LH2000-A auto-configuring 10-port hub is priced at $7,995.



This article was originally published on February 01, 1998