Cybernetics adds RAID, DLT library

Cybernetics adds RAID, DLT library

Available in capacities ranging from 32GB to 378GB, Cybernetics` CY-RDA RAID subsystems come with an Ultra SCSI interface for data transfer rates of up to 40MBps. The systems can be configured with 8, 24, or 42 disk drives. Following a trend in the RAID market, the CY-RDA comes with a management interface that allows administrators to manage the systems via a Web browser or over an Ethernet connection. An embedded management controller allows monitoring and analysis of drives, power supplies, temperature, fans, and SCSI bus termination.

Cybernetics has also begun shipping CY-TL4 DLT 7000 tape libraries. The CY-TL4 is available with one to four drives and up to 30 tapes for a capacity range of 525GB to 2.1TB in compressed mode and a compressed data transfer rate of up to 10MBps over a Fast/Wide SCSI-2 interface. In a two-drive striping mode configuration, the data transfer rate is 40MBps. Users can attach the library to as many as four host systems.



This article was originally published on February 01, 1998