Startup enters high- speed RAID race

Startup enters high- speed RAID race

Claiming a blazing 50,000 I/Os per second, startup XIOtech Corp. recently entered the crowded RAID market. The company`s Magnitude array includes support for up to eight host (Windows NT or NetWare) connections and 1TB of capacity. Company officials attribute the subsystem`s speed in large part to its REDI software technology, which includes:

- Intelligent Virtual Disks --a data striping algorithm applied to all shared drives.

- Queue Management Technology, which combines I/O queues from multiple attached servers for optimal disk access.

Disk support includes 32- or 64-drive bays with Ultra, Wide, or LVD SCSI interfaces. The array connects to hosts via 100MBps Fibre Channel PCI ports. RAID levels include RAID 0, 1, 1+0, and 5.

Pricing starts at $55,000. The Magnitude XP (the performance configuration) is priced at $87,500 with 137GB and two host connections. The Magnitude XC (the connectivity configuration) includes four server connections and 288GB for $112,500, or $0.39 per MB.


This article was originally published on March 01, 1998