Digital, MicroNet add 18GB drives

Digital, MicroNet add 18GB drives

Digital Equipment has added two new disk drives to its StorageWorks line of disk arrays:

- An 18GB drive that boosts the capacity of StorageWorks subsystems to 2TB. The 18GB drives are based on the Ultra-SCSI interface and have a disk rotation speed of 7,200rpm.

- A 4GB drive with a rotation speed of 10,000rpm, a 35% speed increase over traditional 7,200rpm drives. The 10,000rpm drives are also based on the Ultra-SCSI interface.

The drives are available to OEMs now; shipments to end-users and resellers are due later this year.


MicroNet Technology has also added 3.5-inch 18GB drives to its line of disk arrays, boosting total capacity to 126GB (or 108GB in RAID-3 or RAID-5 configurations). The Ultra-SCSI devices have a rotation rate of 7,200rpm.


This article was originally published on March 01, 1998