Quantum in volume with Ultra2 SCSI LVD drives

Quantum in volume with Ultra2 SCSI LVD drives

Quantum last month hit volume shipments of its Viking II disk drives, which use the Ultra2 SCSI low-voltage differential (LVD) interface. The 3.5-inch drives are available in 4.5GB or 9.1GB capacities and are compatible with host adapter boards from vendors such as Adaptec, Atto Technology, Diamond Multimedia, and Symbios. Ultra2 SCSI doubles the data transfer rate of existing SCSI implementations to 80MBps.

Key specs of the Viking II include an average seek time of 8ms, 7,200rpm rotational speed, and an internal data transfer rate of 170Mbps.

The Viking II is available through OEMs and distributors such as Arrow, Bell Micro, Marshall Industries and Wyle. Suggested retail prices for the 9.1GB and 4.5GB drives are $895 and $595, respectively.


This article was originally published on March 01, 1998