Exabyte, ADIC, Imation expand DLT libraries

Exabyte, ADIC, Imation expand DLT libraries

As evidence of fast growth in the market for tape libraries based on Quantum`s DLT technology, a trio of vendors over the last month introduced a spate of products that should heighten competition in this crowded market.

On the road to extol the virtues of its own Mammoth technology, Exabyte at the same time introduced the model 230D DLT library. Part of the Arrowhead family of libraries, which supports both 8mm and DLT technologies, the 230D is a two-drive (DLT4000 or DLT7000), 30-cartridge DLT library targeted at the midrange.

According to Dataquest, a market research firm in San Jose, CA, the midrange (21 to 125 cartridges) is the fastest-growing segment of the DLT library arena, with shipments expected to surge from 8,000 units this year to 43,000 units in 2000. Overall, the DLT library market is expected to double over the next three years.

Exabyte`s 230D with two DLT4000 drives and a compressed capacity of 1.2TB is priced at $15,000. With two DLT7000 drives and a compressed capacity of 2.1TB, the 230D is priced at $20,000. Exabyte is expected to release later this year the model 690D library with up to six DLT drives and 90 cartridges and, early next year, the 12160 library with up to 12 Mammoth drives and 160 cartridges. A single-drive Mammoth autoloader with seven cartridges and 240GB of compressed capacity is due in July. www.exabyte.com Circle #50

At the high end of the market, ADIC recently began shipments of the Scalar 1000, a DLT library that can scale from one to 48 DLT7000 drives in a four-library configuration, for a maximum compressed throughput of more than 1.7TB per hour. Alternatively, the library can be configured for maximum capacity with up to 788 cartridges and a compressed capacity of 55TB in a four-library setup.

Without drives or media the Scalar 1000 is priced at $41,995 in a configuration with six drive bays and 158 tape slots, or in a version with 12 drive bays and 118 tape slots. DLT7000 drives, with 70GB compressed capacities, are priced at $12,995. www.adic.com

Adding to its line of MLR, Travan NS, and DDS-3 libraries, Imation recently introduced DLT4000 and DLT7000 libraries. The DLT4000 version includes one drive and a compressed capacity of 600GB, with a transfer rate of up to 3MBps. Price: $10,999. Imation`s DLT7000 version includes one drive, compressed capacity of more than 1TB, and a transfer rate of up to 10MBps. Price: $16,499.


This article was originally published on April 01, 1998