Emass ships high-end AIT library

Emass ships high-end AIT library

With a native capacity of 5.9TB, or 29.5TB in a multi-module configuration, Emass` latest addition to its AML/S line of libraries is based on Sony`s Advanced Intelligent Tape (AIT) technology. AIT is expected to provide strong competition for Exabyte`s standard 8mm and Mammoth technologies, as well as DLT libraries. In addition to Emass, AIT library vendors include ADIC, Breece Hill, Spectra Logic, and Qualstar.

Emass` AIT-based AML/S can be configured with up to 48 3.5-inch drives and 1,182 car- tridges for a total native capacity of 5.9TB (12TB compressed). By linking libraries, a total compressed capacity of 60TB is possible. The library is compatible with Unix and Windows NT, and software packages from

vendors such as Computer Associates,

IBM, Legato, and Spectra Logic. Pricing starts at $49,950.


This article was originally published on April 01, 1998