Storage Dimensions ships AIT tape array

Storage Dimensions ships AIT tape array

Joining the small band of vendors shipping libraries based on Sony`s AIT helical-scan tape technology, Storage Dimensions recently released the SuperFlex AIT TapeArray. The seven-drive, 350GB (compressed) array combines AIT drives with the company`s SuperFlex TapeArray enclosure. Storage Dimensions` compressed capacity figures assume a 2.6:1 compression ratio based on the Adaptive Lossless Data Compression (ALDC) algo-rithm. The system is compatible with Windows NT, NetWare, Solaris, HP-UX, and AIX.

For fault tolerance, the SuperFlex TapeArray includes dual power supplies, dual main power inputs, and three cooling fans. For maximum fault tolerance, the array can be configured with multiple RAID options using software such as Computer Associates` ARCserve for Windows NT.

A four-drive configuration of the SuperFlex TapeArray is priced at $19,420; a seven-drive version, $31,898.


This article was originally published on April 01, 1998