AMI supports Ultra2, I2O

AMI supports Ultra2, I2O

Available this month to OEMs, and slated for general availability next month, American Megatrends Inc.`s (AMI) MegaRAID LVDS 438 is an Ultra2 SCSI PCI RAID controller. Available with 1 to 3 drive channels, at 80MBps per channel, the controller incorporates AMI`s FlexRAID technology, which allows on-line capacity expansion and RAID-level migration without rebooting.

Key specs on the I2O-compliant controller include an i960 RISC processor and three Symbios 53C895 SCSI processors, a PCI bus master with a burst data transfer rate of 132MBps, up to 128MB of cache, and support for Low Voltage Differential SCSI (LVDS).


This article was originally published on April 01, 1998